Giraffes are one of my favourite wild animals, so graceful and so protective of their young. It’s so’s sad that they are so endangered.

We have entered a new geological age, known as the anthropocene, the age of humans. Wild giraffe populations are rapidly declining, with human activity being as the main cause.

Habitat loss and illegal poaching have left the gentle giant at risk of extinction. Since 1999, the giraffe population in Africa has decreased by about 40%. If we don’t do something, these beautiful creatures will disappear.
This A3 print of mother and baby shows a future of opportunity and hope. It also symbolises the love we feel for our own children. This is a perfect gift for anyone who loves animals or for their children’s nurseries.

High Quality Print: 'Stand Tall Little One'

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Frame colour
  • The print is made from:

    The original was drawn in varying shades of Derwent graphite pencils. It is digitally printed locally on an off-white high quality 350 gsm cartridge style paper. Most prints are made in 220gsm but Sophie prefers the quality finish with a paper of this weight.

    Please keep out of direct sunlight and do not hang in a damp room such as an unventilated bathroom or near direct heat like leaning on a radiator.

    This print comes unframed or framed, at an additional cost, so you can hang it immediately. The frame can be a black or white, laquered, box frame with a perspex pane.

    Dimensions: Available in A4 and A3 sizes


    Unframed H30 x W21cm

    Framed H43 x W33 x D3.5cm, approx 800g


    Unframed H42 x W30cm

    Framed H52 x W42 x D3.5cm, approx 1kg