The Process

The process of commissioning a portrait is really straightforward: Just email me your chosen photograph/s and preferred portrait size

* Pet, car and wildlife portraits are drawn in A5, A4, A3 and A2

* Child portraits are drawn in A5, A4 and A3

* Portraits of your church or home are drawn in four sizes:

- Architectural details such as a favourite door, entrance to the church, ironwork on a balcony in A6, A5 and A4

- A portrait of the whole building in A4, A3 and A2.

If you love a particular animal, such as a hare or zebra (but don't own one!), I can always create a bespoke portrait for you.

Your Photograph

The photograph is the single most important part of the whole process. The clearer, brighter and better quality the image, the more detailed I can produce the portrait.

- Iphones and digital cameras produce quality photographs for all sizes of portraits. The images are best taken in natural light and must be in high resolution as they allow me to zoom in on all the details I need to create the portrait.

- Child, Pet and Car: Try to find an image that captures your beloved's spirit and personality (yes even your car has a personality!). They should be the focus, filling the lens without too much background and most importantly with their eyes open. The image should preferably be taken at or near their level.  The composition of your bespoke portrait could be a study of their face, with or with out shoulders or of their full body. For cars, they are best taken at an angle rather than straight on or to the side but that is entirely up to you.

- Church and home: It is best to take a selection of images, both in portrait and landscape, and include any surrounding trees. This works to give an impression of its setting, its place within the landscape.  From a selection, I can look at which would work best.

The Next Step

- Once you have taken your photos, please email them to me at I will go through them to choose the one I feel is best for the composition.  

- For first time commissions, Sophie may ask for a 50% deposit to be paid either by cash or bank transfer.

- The balance is due on completion.

- Please allow two to three weeks from agreeing all aspects of your commission to dispatch. I will advise you immediately if additional time is required for complex commissions or during busier times, such as pre-Christmas.

Presentation and Shipping

As soon as your portrait is finished, Sophie will email you to arrange delivery/shipping.  Please be advised that though your drawing is sprayed with a fixative that prevents smudges, it should never be touched as it is still possible to smear the graphite which sadly is irreversible.

Packaging: All original portraits are beautifully and elegantly wrapped in charcoal tissue paper and ivory ribbon, before being placed in a protective box to ensure safe transit. 


UK: Free Royal Mail Special Delivery on all bespoke commissions

Europe, USA and further afield: please contact Sophie for a quote as it depends on the size and quantity.  For international orders, Sophie often sends A3 and A2 portraits in postal tubes to ensure their protection. A5 and A4 can be sent framed

Choosing your  Frame

All original portraits and silhouettes come mounted in a classic black or white frame. Should you prefer to choose your own frame, I can of course send it unframed. All prints can be unframed or framed. Alternatively, please see my Framing page for all details on finding a lovely frame that I would recommend for your portrait. Should you require my bespoke framing service, please allow an additional 3-4 weeks for a bespoke framing option.